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Chunky Spider Halloween Cookie Cutter, 5 x 3.25 inches, Handcrafted Copper by The Fussy Pup

Chunky Spider Halloween Cookie Cutter, 5 x 3.25 inches, Handcrafted Copper by The Fussy Pup

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Get ready to bake up some spooky-good fun with the Chunky Spider Cookie Cutter! This 5-inch by 3.25-inch copper cutter is perfect for creating the most delightfully chunky spider-shaped treats this Halloween. Whether you're whipping up batches of festive dough or sculpting creepy-crawly clay creations, this made-in-the-USA cutter is up for the task.

Imagine the delight on your friends' and family's faces as you present them with your homemade spider cookies or Halloween decorations. The chunky, detailed design ensures each creation has a delightfully bold, eye-catching look. Plus, the high-quality copper construction guarantees long-lasting durability, so you can use this cutter year after year.

Don't settle for ordinary cookie cutters - elevate your Halloween baking and crafting with the Chunky Spider Cookie Cutter! Grab one (or a few!) today and get ready to create spooktacular masterpieces that will have everyone buzzing. It's the perfect gift for the Halloween enthusiast in your life, or a must-have addition to your own holiday decor.

Each cookie cutter is hand crafted in our workshop from heavy weight solid copper. This cookie cutter is built to last for many generations of cookie baking, fondant cutting, ornament making, or even use it for tracing quilt patterns.

Made from very heavy weight copper to maintain shape while using and storing. Great for gift giving or as a centerpiece to a cookie bouquet!

Each one is slightly different from the next as they are formed one at a time and hand soldered using lead-free silver solder. Listing is for one cookie cutter.

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